Lindy M. “Buddy” Pilgrim
Business and Speaking Resumé
Buddy Pilgrim has been referred to by many as a business “renaissance man.”  He has served as President of a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company; a turn-around CEO and leader of several multi-hundred million dollar companies; an entrepreneur of many successful start-up ventures; the founder of an international poultry distribution business in Moscow, Russia; a public speaker & preacher across America, Europe and Africa; a respected conservative politcal activists; and an ordained minister who has hosted his own Television and Radio programs.
He is the founder of Integrity Leadership, a non-profit Christian ministry he founded in 1998 specifically to teach God’s Word for business and politics. Through the ministry, Buddy preaches in churches, teaches business seminars, and speaks to civic and political organzations, trade groups and businesses across the U.S. and Europe. He teaches Biblical principles of leadership, business management, financial success and political engagment applicable to every Christian.
As a part of Integrity Leadership, he has hosted television and radio programs called Getting Down 2 Business.” He also published a monthly Getting Down 2 Business newsletter containing Biblical business principles.
Buddy has had, and continues in a long and distinguished business career. His successes include corporate leadership positions, as well as, entrepreneurial endeavors as follows:
Integrity Management Services, Inc. - In 1990, Buddy formed this consulting firm specializing in business strategy, leadership development and turn-around management. Today, as President of Integrity Management, Buddy provides strategic and leadership consulting services for clients of all types, including political campaigns.
Ted Cruz for President Campaign. - In 2015-2016 Buddy served as the National Director for Faith and Religious Liberty for Senator Ted Cruz's Presidential Campaign.  In that capacity, he led successful efforts to secure the endorsements of more high-profile, nationally known, faith leaders than have ever endorsed any prior Presidential candidate. 
Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation - Buddy is best known as President & COO of Pilgrim’s Pride, an $8.0 billion poultry company, publicly traded on the NYSE. During his tenure, the stock price more than tripled and the business grew more than twice as fast as the industry in general. He is credited with redefining Pilgrim’s business strategy, and leading it to become one of the most successful in its industry. Today, Pilgrim’s Pride is the second largest poultry company in the U.S. and Mexico employing more than 41,000 people. Buddy left Pilgrim’s Pride in July 1998, and formed Integrity Leadership later that year.
Simmons Food, Inc. - Buddy served on the Board and as Vice Chairman of Simmons Foods, the nation’s 6th largest privately held poultry company. From January 2000 through May of 2003, he served as Simmons’ CEO, and simultaneously mentored and trained the Simmons family’s third generation of leadership to take over the reigns of the business. Simmons is a $500 million per year business with 5,000 employees.
High Seas Trading - Buddy is the Co-founder, Chairman and CEO and of this highly successful international food export/import company which had offices in the U.S. and Moscow. Begun 1999, this entrepreneurial venture, which was inspired by Isaiah 60:5-7, redefined the way international poultry trade was conducted with Russia.
Psalm One Developments, L.P. - Buddy is the CEO and founder of this successful, upscale real estate development company started in Dallas, Texas in 2003.
Arcadia Custom Homes, LP. - Buddy was the co-founder and venture capitalists who helped launch this multi-location manufactured housing retail business in 2005 and then sold his interests to the management team.
Prosper Farms, L.P. - Buddy is the brain-child, co-founder and President of this unique farming partnership located in N.W. Arkansas. He started the business in October, 2000 as a way to assist other people in getting into poultry production by pooling their resources. Investors earned over 1,000% return on equity in only 3 years.
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