IntegrityLeadership FoundationalStatements:


OurPurpose:         (Why this ministry exists)            

Romans 8:28                  Integrity Leadership exists to apply God’s Word to the workplace.


OurVision:             (What impact we want to see)    

Habakkuk 2:2                 To see Christians so well-founded in God's Word that it

                                    becomes the guiding force of every decision made in their work.


OurMission:           (What we engage in)     

Exodus 3:10                   We serve as a teaching ministry to Christians, providing

                                    Biblical principles of success, leadership, and wisdom for every position in the workplace.


IntegrityLeadership StrategyStatements:

We will focus on equipping Christians with Biblical principles for success in business


     To be successful in our calling we must not wander into poastoral or evangelical roles


     Our marketplace is the Christian community


     Our equipment is business for successful daily living


We will always exercise and teach dominion in business and politics


     Our leaders' involvement in business and politics gives credibility to our ministry


     Dominion in earthly realms of authority (business & politics) is a Biblical mandate


     We must always remain current and practice what we preach


We will provide a Christian perspective on current events in business and politics


     Christian perspectives serve as teaching examples of Biblical Principles


     Our commentary serves as encourgement to other Christians to take a stand


     The Bible is the standard by which all business and politics should be judged


We will teach the masses as the method of our spreading our ministry


     Through churches, seminars, TV, radio, internet & publishing


     We can reach more people in more locations


     We can make the message available with more time flexible options


We will not be counselors or consultants to individuals or businesses


     This keeps us focused on PRINCIPLES for the Masses


     We will be prayer partners to our Partners With Integrity


     Avoiding this temptation ensures our success with the masses


 We will point people to the Word, on their own, seeking business wisdom


     We can't teach it all to everyone


     People need to seek it on their own


     We demonstrate that the Bible is the best business text book available


We will do everything with Integrity and to first class standards


     Poor workmenship or results damages our credibility


     Those who teach success must be successful


     We serve a God of Excellence, and should emulate His standards




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